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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Oct 23, 2019

What you're listening to are the sounds of two men, burdened with the thankless task of analyzing a film paying homage to their hero so dreadful, so shocking in its nonsensical execution, they wonder that it ever could have come from the pen of a fantasy genius. Witness a game of ironic fate, penned by a writer of a generation who wished to restore a fallen king to an unwanted throne. A throne of bad puns, plot holes, and inexplicable stupidity you can only find... in the TCBCast Zone.

Then, for Song of the Week, seriously, go listen to the funky, fun "I Got A Feelin' In My Body," which Justin picks. Go! Then come back for Elvis' cover of a Coasters novelty song from the 1964 film, Roustabout.

Featured Songs of the Week:
Justin - I Got A Feelin' In My Body
Gurdip - Little Egypt