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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Dec 24, 2019

To celebrate the holidays, Justin & Gurdip finally review the original iteration of Elvis' 1957 Christmas Album. Does this perennial favorite still hold up, or are the real holiday gems only on the first half of the album? Plus, Justin has a theory about why Elvis' Christmas music remains so popular decades after release (aside from it just being good!)

Gurdip's Song of the Week highlights Elvis' striking cover of a song written by a Canadian First Nations artist. Justin, on the other hand, finds surprising Elvis connections elsewhere in the history behind a rare one-off audience recording of "When The Snow Is On The Roses." Gurdip is off for the rest of the year, but next week, Ryan Droste returns for a review of the only officially authorized Elvis video game!

Featured Songs of the Week:

Gurdip: Until It's Time For You To Go

Justin: When The Snow Is On The Roses