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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Jan 26, 2020

In the first episode of our 3rd year, Justin & Gurdip wrap up a two-part review of the 1981 film "This Is Elvis" with the help of The Jungle Room Podcast host Jaime Kay. Covering from the 1968 TV Special to the end of Elvis' life, the crew discusses Elvis' creative and personal disappointments during this period of his life, the 1977 CBS TV Special, and Jaime takes a stand for Ginger Alden. Then the discussion is wrapped with thoughts on whether "This is Elvis" is actually an objectively good film, or just a nostalgia showcase viewed with rose-colored glasses by fans who needed the catharsis of the film at the time.

Finally, Jaime leads Song of the Week with the history behind the funky Mac Davis-penned "Clean Up Your Own Backyard" from "The Trouble with Girls." Gurdip selects the moving ballad "As Long As I Have You" from the climax of "King Creole," and Justin appropriately wraps up an epic episode digging into Elvis' powerful performance of "Unchained Melody," including the famous 1977 Rapid City, SD, version. 

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Featured Songs of the Week:
Jaime: Clean Up Your Own Backyard
Gurdip: As Long As I Have You
Justin: Unchained Melody