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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

May 26, 2020

Jaime Kay from The Jungle Room Podcast and Ashley Drew from the Ashley Drew Adventures YouTube channel join Gurdip for a great discussion this week on some of their most interesting Elvis discoveries! But before that - which of the two ladies will prevail in this week's trivia challenge?

Then, for Song of the Week, Ashley highlights the doo-wop-esque 1956 ballad "Is It So Strange." Jaime Kay sheds a light on "Tomorrow Is A Long Time," the 1966 track songwriter Bob Dylan called "the one recording I treasure the most" and Gurdip finishes off the episode with a dip back into the doo-wop well with the haunting 1956 jukebox weeper "First in Line."

Featured Songs of the Week:

Gurdip: First in Line

Jaime Kay: Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Ashley Drew: Is It So Strange