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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Jun 2, 2020

Justin's back this week and the first thing the guys tackle is a listener challenge to compile a solid album from the 3 albums and 8 singles released by Elvis in the US in 1966 - a year usually considered bereft of quality content in his catalogue. Which album will win out? Justin's "Elvis: Long Lonely Highway" or Gurdip's "Elvis Sings Come What May"? It's up to listeners to decide!

Then, for Song of the Week, Gurdip picks the lesser-known fifties rocker "One-Sided Love Affair" while Justin cops out and picks the title track from his own aforementioned 1966 fantasy album... but points out that "Long Lonely Highway" has a darker side not often recognized by fans.

Featured Songs of the Week:

Justin: (It's A) Long Lonely Highway

Gurdip: One-Sided Love Affair