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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Nov 3, 2020

After nearly a year and a half, Gurdip & Justin return to an early TCBCast topic to discuss some of the Elvis tracks that don't quite inspire them. Gurdip gets Justin riled up picking one of Justin's country favorites, while Justin not only backpedals hard on his previously even-handed thoughts on a glacially slow 50s ballad off Elvis' second album, but also very nearly retracts his position on "Golden Coins" from the first time around! 

Then, for Song of the Week, Elvis teaches us how to "Do the Vega" in Justin's pick, while Gurdip distracts himself from colder weather by dreaming of having "Fun in Acapulco."

Feature Songs of the Week:

Gurdip: Fun in Acapulco
Justin: Do The Vega