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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Jan 4, 2021

Justin & Gurdip start off 2021 and Season 4 of TCBCast reacting to Peloton's new exclusive Elvis remixes, then examining the first five chapters of the infamous 1977 book "Elvis: What Happened" by Steve Dunleavy, Dave Hebler and Red & Sonny West, as selected by TCBCast listeners.

Justin points out the importance of context; particularly Dunleavy's long history in the right-wing tabloid media sphere, but also acknowledging his strength as a writer. Gurdip ponders whether the karate experts in the book are really as lethal as they say, and both guys consider the deeper moral questions raised by the book. Is there a difference between excusing or simply acknowledging Elvis' behavior, and can you do either while also celebrating his cultural contributions? And how are the most salacious stories Dunleavy used to shock America's perception of Elvis tied in with broader socio-political issues, such as America's modern opioid problem and the hyper-masculine culture Elvis grew up in? All heady stuff for a first glance, and not something we typically cover. From here on out, we'll be reviewing the book roughly one chapter per episode while other main topics resume. 

(A Personal note from Justin: Please let us know what you think of our approach to this content. As we discuss in the show, we are here to examine how and why historical events happened, and how they're specifically depicted in this telling. We trust our listeners to participate in thoughtful and respectful discussion about the contents of this ongoing segment.)

For Song of the Week, Justin starts 2021 off with an affirmative, uplifting deep cut from 60 years ago, the beautiful "Starting Today." Gurdip, on the other hand, highlights "Don't Ask Me Why" from 1958's King Creole soundtrack.