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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Jun 28, 2022

Join the TCBCast gang for part one of the most in-depth analysis of Baz Luhrmann's Elvis yet to be done. In part one, Gurdip, Justin, Ryan and Bec explore how the film sets itself apart by giving the audience a unique, fantastical point of view from which to witness its events, the significance of Captain Marvel's lore to this telling, the use of historical figures to properly contextualize the protagonist's impact, and of course, looking at where the filmmakers chose to bend history and whether those changes serve a greater purpose.

We cannot stress enough how much we recommended that you watch Baz Luhrmann's Elvis before listening to this two-part review. The entire film will be spoiled in service of analyzing the creative choices Baz and his team made. It is currently screening in theatres as of this posting and in the near future will also be coming to HBO Max.

We also highly recommend you consider experiencing the soundtrack to the film, available from RCA Records, via music streaming platforms, digital storefronts, or on compact disc. The musical selections made by the team are incredibly significant to understanding the themes of the film and we think it's important to support all of the performers and songwriters who contributed to this production.

Part 2 is available immediately to TCBCast Patreon supporters at all tiers as an early access episode. It will be released on the main feed in a couple days to give folks a chance to process this one. If you enjoy TCBCast, please consider supporting us with a donation at Your support allows us to continue to provide thoughtful, provocative, challenging and well-researched perspectives on Elvis's career, his peers and influences, and his cultural impact and legacy. Thank you to all of our current Patreon backers.