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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Dec 9, 2022

Part 2 of our massive review of 1967's "Clambake" centers around the two most memorable musical showpieces in the film: "Confidence" and "Clambake." It's here in Part 2 that we learn the true reason why the Frank Sinatra podcast peeps are here: not only "Confidence"'s infamous similarity to "High Hopes" from the 1959 movie "A Hole in the Head", but Rabia & Felix's recent encounter with a prominent clambake in the "Strictly USA" sequence of the 1949 Sinatra/Kelly musical "On the Town"... and being Australians, they have only the vaguest ideas what a clambake even is.

Then, Justin explains to Felix the process of how songs were generally written and selected for Elvis' movies, exploring the alternate possible title songs submitted for "Clambake," and in a twist befitting such an inexplicable movie, Side B of TCBCast 246 closes sincerely commemorating the life and music of the legendary Glen Campbell.

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