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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Dec 16, 2022

The epic conclusion of our gigantic, four-part, 6-hour Clambake review episode draws to a close in a wonderful, incredible way as Justin and Rabia finally deliver on what they had foreshadowed to Felix all the way back in the first part: you get to hear someone who mere hours before previously knew only the most basic pop culture knowledge about Elvis Presley, experience the highest highs of the 1968 Comeback Special and in real time, you get to hear the creation of a new Elvis fan. 

Naturally, given our guests, Song of the Week is Sinatra themed. Justin starts off by taking Frank's time machine back to 1960 for the iconic TV moment when Elvis tackled the elder artist's 1957 smash "Witchcraft" and everyone gushes over how great the two sound together, harmonizing on "Love Me Tender." And Rabia closes things out with an attempt to cut through the cliche and noise around Frank Sinatra's signature hit, Elvis's famous cover, common misunderstandings around Sinatra's comments about Elvis, and pondering whether "My Way" belongs now only to the selfish individualists who constantly claim it... or if it can be reclaimed by the truly courageous.

We hope you have enjoyed the journey. As Felix says... "Merry Clambake!"

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