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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

May 30, 2023

Ryan, Bec and Justin get together this week to review Elvis' 1961 film "Follow That Dream." Based on Richard Powell's book "Pioneer Go Home," Follow That Dream tells the story of Toby Kwimper (Elvis), his Pop (Arthur O'Connell), their live-in babysitter Holly (Anne Helm) and their band of adopted orphans claiming a homestead and building a business on land set aside in Florida as a nature preserve. Together, they fend off a highway supervisor who wants to cut them off the benefits they receive, a seductive social worker and a gang of mobsters who set up a casino next to their spot. Part 1 covers up to the mid-film musical sequence featuring the title song, "Follow That Dream."

The gang also briefly discuss the new release of archival PJ Proby demos that were submitted for consideration in Elvis' movies: "Presley Style - Lost Elvis Songwriter Demos 1961-1963."

"Follow That Dream" is available on all major streaming services. Richard Powell's "Pioneer Go Home" is also available where all eBooks are sold at the time of this episode's release and is highly recommended.

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