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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Sep 15, 2020

Professor Ladhar's class returns after a long summer vacation for a look at the chart where Elvis' last Top 10 R&B hit peaked. The Beatles haven't quiet yet came to the US, Motown is beginning to take hold, and things are about the change... but for the moment, Elvis is in good company alongside all-time great female...

Jun 9, 2020

In this episode (wah-wah-wah-wah)

Both of our hosts (wah-wah-wah-wah)

Look at the doo-wop (ah-oo-wah-oo)

Elvis loved most (whoa-hoooooah!)

Then for Song of the Week, while Gurdip takes a break from Elvis to celebrate "One Summer Night," Justin tries to figure out how to shake a chicken in the middle of the room... it's...

Sep 17, 2019

Jump in for a lengthy discussion on the deeply-felt influence of R&B icon Clyde McPhatter on Elvis's career and popular music. Whether solo, or as a member of the Dominoes or Drifters, Justin & Gurdip highlight some of their all-time favorites featuring McPhatter's soaring tenor tones.

Then for Song of the Week, Gurdip...

May 29, 2019

Professor Ladhar's class is back in session as Justin cracks his textbook open to March 28, 1960 (the week before Stuck on You first appeared on the charts) to explore the cultural context Elvis was returning from the Army into. Gurdip almost gets away with skipping trivia thanks to a smooth topic transition but Justin...

Apr 16, 2019

TCBCast's full topic discussions are back on schedule with a full deep-dive into the life and music of one of Elvis' influences and contemporaries: LaVern Baker. Justin & Gurdip weave in and out of hits like Tweedle Dee and Jim Dandy to lesser-known tracks with Elvis connections such as Hey Memphis and Shake a Hand....