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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

Dec 13, 2022

As 1967's Clambake passes its balls-to-the-wall groovy titular scene, it quietly becomes a relatively mundane little sports flick about the formulation of a protective sealant for boats... but Justin blows Rabia & Felix's minds by revealing that the infamous "GOOP" later effectively became a reality, before providing historical insights into the 1967 Orange Bowl Regatta held in Miami, Florida, and the real sportsmen who participated in the event and the making of "Clambake."

Finally, the crew wraps up the core discussion on the narrative of Clambake by pondering where the little-heard blues reprise of the title theme, cut from the movie, might have slotted in. There's still more to come as Justin and Rabia close out the episode foreshadowing a "Special" twist on the horizon for the unsuspecting Felix... Part 4 will be an emotional, absolute must-hear, and includes two Sinatra-themed Elvis Songs of the Week!

"Clambake" is available to purchase or rent from most digital platforms and at least in North America is available for free on several ad-supported movie services like Tubi and Pluto. We also highly recommend the Kino Lorber Blu-Ray release of "Clambake".

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