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TCBCast: An Unofficial Elvis Presley Fan Podcast

May 16, 2023

This week, Justin and Bec cover an extensive main topic discussion selected by our TCBCast Patreon supporters, Elvis' time at Shreveport's Louisiana Hayride! From his iconic, albeit nervous first performance in October 1954, to his rip-roaring YMCA benefit concert in December 1956 and everywhere in between, we discuss Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys' evolution over the duration of their contract with the Hayride. We also ponder the songs they are known to have performed there but never formally got around to recording, and dip into recordings of some of Elvis' country influences and contemporaries performing on the Hayride as well, both before, during and after his tenure to give better context to the community he was rising out of.

Then, Gurdip tags in for Song of the Week, tackling the title theme of 1965's "Girl Happy," a song with surprisingly strong songwriting pedigree despite its speed-and-pitch-shifted master recording, only for us to find an even more fascinating story related to a cover version recorded the following year. Justin, meanwhile, highlights the underrated country ballad "When I'm Over You," recorded in 1970 and released on 1971's "Love Letters From Elvis."

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